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Child Support in Washington State

Whether you live in Tacoma or elsewhere in Pierce County, the primary law applied to your child support matter will Washington State law.

Under Washington State law, both parents have a statutory obligation to support their children financially. The calculation of child support is based primarily on the parties' net incomes, work-related daycare expenses, and the Washington Child Support Schedule.

Child support is subject to periodic modification to meet changes in the needs of the children, as well as changes in each parent's ability to pay. Child support payments are usually required until a child is 18 years old, or graduates from high school, whichever occurs last, although circumstances may affect the duration of the support obligation.

For example, if a child under the age of 18 gets married or otherwise becomes emancipated or self-supporting, the court may terminate the parental obligation for the support.

Post-secondary support may also be required for a dependent child's college or vocational education expenses, or for a handicapped child.  It is also important to note that support may be required as long as the child remains dependent.